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I come from a big military family and have many active duty friends. It seems to me Trump is widely very popular among servicemembers. Here's my question. In my lifetime, no president has dodged the draft more times, nor disrespected servicemembers more, nor undermined leadership/brass more than President Trump. Considering all this, and the fact that he's a billionaire socialite from Manhattan, how do you account for his widespread popularity in the military? I'm seriously asking, btw. Genuinely curious about your take.

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Oryx and Crake seemed so ahead of the curve on where society was heading and I feel like we're much closer now to the realities described in the book. Is there any chance we'll get an adaptation to the big or small screen? Such a wonderful work and now seems ripe fr it.

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First off, wow, this is easily one of the craziest, bravest and most badass things I've seen in a good while. Way to be! My question is this: have there been any repercussions for the perpetrators and what, if anything, is being done to inflict repercussions if none have?

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I lived and worked in Russia for a time. I also am someone who has always been very interested in and fascinated by WWII history. I remember when I arrived in Russia finding it very interesting how much Russia talks about and displays iconography about WWII and how much the focus is squarely on their involvement. What struck me about this, is that America does the exact same thing. If you are taught about WWII in America, it basically feels like the whole was was America vs the Nazis. Only later does one learn this wasn't the case by any stretch. Russia seemed to do the same thing. So, here's my question, did you experience this same sort of shock when you came to America from Russia? Did it strike you as curious, odd or enraging that Russia fought and died so heartily to end the Nazis and then you come here and we barely even acknowledge their involvement? I found it very interesting and I am more than a generation removed from WWII. Thanks for taking my question.

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I read your blog on this and was surprised to learn he plopped down $75k for the pleasure and then watched TV with you guys and asked to be left alone for an hour. Is this typical? By that I don't mean the celebrity or the dollar amount, but, rather, that someone would pay mucho dinero like that and then want to do shit like watch TV and get high alone.