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Im guessing one of his drug contacts killed him and Carole just wasn't surprised because he'd been in increasingly risky situations for a while.

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What's your graduation rate? Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with this number and how do you feel you could improve it?

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I've read a bit about Bipolar II patients being helped by levothyroxine, even if their labs don't show any underlying thyroid disorder. https://www.psychiatrictimes.com/bipolar-disorder/new-treatment-bipolar-depression-part-2

Do you feel there may be a link between bipolar and thyroid dysfunction?

How can I get my psychiatrist to try more alternative but still scientifically backed treatments instead of the same ineffective and damaging medications that I've been cycling through unsuccessfully for fifteen years?

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Not a professional, but I think that "toxic positivity" is more about invalidating other people's or your own emotions- claiming that the person has nothing to feel bad about, should just look on the bright side, just needs discipline and it'll all be fine, etc. If you are genuinely positive but respectful of other people's equally genuine emotions of fear, sadness, etc. then I think it's regular positivity. It's more about accepting that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to feel about things.

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Because then people would die. It would be better for nonmedical workers to strike on their behalf I'm thinking.