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I was in a facility as well. Most of the patients were low income and many were uninsured. There was a nice young guy there who had the misfortune of having really great insurance. We were both voluntary check ins- he picked the facility because he could smoke there (this was a long while ago) and I picked it because I was 19 and didn't know better. We were both suicidal. He immediately realized what a horrible place it was and called his mom. She got him lined up with intensive inpatient care and offered to have him move back home with her. The facility would not allow him to leave.

When I got there he had been in for a little over three weeks, far longer than the average stay. He was clearly stable but there were no signs of him being released. Me, I was uninsured and was out in 3 days.

The facility later lost its Medicaid certification for a time due to the rape of a nurse due to staff negligence.

*the other facilities I have stayed at were a lot nicer and less shady than this one, which was a state hospital.

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Men do commit homicides at a seven times higher rate than women. Intimate partner homicides are carried out against women 70% of the time, against men 30% of the time. It's important to note that this doesn't mean rates of domestic abuse are unequal; just that domestic violence against women is far more likely to be fatal.

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I think he's trying to really understand his privilege, which is admirable and I hope he can use that understanding to help people in his future career.

That being said I did have "Common People" by Pulp looping through my head while I read this.

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It's more like you are out on a farm and you hear hoofbeats and you think cows but it's a horse. Both are reasonable conclusions to make, because both are common. Men can be raped and domestically abused and the cultural lack of acknowledgement of the frequency of that is like pretending there are never horses on farms. The less publicized forms of abuse such as elder abuse, abuse towards males, in same sex relationships, abuse by caregivers, and abuse toward the mentally disabled are important to acknowledge because all of those things are far more prevalent than the cultural consciousness recognizes.

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Im guessing one of his drug contacts killed him and Carole just wasn't surprised because he'd been in increasingly risky situations for a while.