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Counterpoint: communication is when I take something that's in me and try to do things to get a copy of it into somebody else. Music is a form of expression, and I think at least one measure of "good" music is how well it resonates with others. If someone feels my groove, I have successfully communicated my groove, and done it entirely by way of music.

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Hi! I've followed sylphyo for a while now, and am excited to see this AmA! I'm curious:

What sort of challenges did you face in taking this product from concept to final product? Is there anything you wish you knew beforehand?

How do you answer the "what is it?" question to laymen who don't know that much about electronic music?

What sound generators have you found most rewarding to use with sylphyo?

Can I find them in stores in Canada?

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Yamaha's not making them anymore for starters.

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Is there a difference?