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I feel you to some degree but Gary Busey is absolutely not the one who we should go after about this. Go pick on Jeff Bezos or one of those other Forbes list pricks. Busey is a populist hero who knows what it means to be down and out. #ImWithBusey

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She’s just demonstrating her mastery of the subject. I’m very impressed!

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That’s very true and it reminds me of how I find the tragedy of Kurt Cobain inspiring. Despite a life of disappointment and depression he made beautiful music that made many millions of people happy before he ultimately couldn’t take it anymore…

I might try reading some more Poe.. I’ve only read a couple of his poems. Could you make a recommendation for a non-functionally depressed 29yo male who hates the world and men and society and likes cats and dogs and women? I’m not a big reader (partially due to my personality problems) so something like a novella that’s a gratifying read would be ideal…🥺

Also I just remembered that I did a recitation of “A Dream Within a Dream” in high school English to try to enter a poetry slam! I did not qualify :(

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Awww thank you for replying so quickly!! I will definitely read these. The themes honestly sound extremely relevant to my issues. and I love that they’re short because I’m honestly the worlds slowest reader… I’ve never met anyone slower and it’s so frustrating. Thank Poe for having the foresight to cater to an audience like me! and I also remembered I’ve been to a place in NYC called Edgar’s Cafe.. I can’t really recommend the food as I don’t really remember but I think it’s in a brownstone that he once owned? I’m sure you know much more about it than I do but wanted to mention and I also lived in the Bronx for 5 years so I’ve been in a couple Poe-y places…

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Thank you!! I will add these to my list. I love reading about men doing horrible things tbh lol it strengthens my convictions and my self-hating manhood…