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The best feeling in the world: getting shot at and they miss.

Source: 9 month afg deployment

Edit - it is a paraphrase from General "Mad Dog" Mattis but oh so true. * And spelling *

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Kind of off topic to why you're here...but,

What's working with the data team like at paperless post? I'm just getting into Python and love it! We also just used PP to send out post wedding party invites and I think that is a great site.

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How'd you work that? The VA down here suggested once a week 90 min talk sessions. Aint nobody got time for that.

Time to move to Vermont.

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I hate that so much - words can't describe it. My bookstore also sells the looseleaf books only for some classes. Needless to say, those 100% cannot be sold back. I can't stand it.

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Hello from Capitol Hill! Interning now at BLS but am very interested in data analysis/data science and how it applies to the political scene - aka Nate Silver. Are there many jobs/internships in that category, is it contracted out, or does some poor staffer have to just make due with excel?

Also, how useful is the HoR email blast of openings? Are those already filled and they just need to publicly announce openings?