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How much of this problem of "not enough land" is related to the high sugar guidelines? I had a conversation with my dentist several years ago and he said that the international guidelines for sugar were no more than 25g per day while the USDA guidelines were no more than 50g a day. Sugar cane is very intensive agriculture and I've got to believe that an extra 25g of sugar spread over billions of people adds up to a lot of land.

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Can you explain the impact rent control has on the homeless? Ir seems to me self-evident that rent control only benefits those who can pay rent, which would exclude the homeless. California, and specifically LA, has a huge problem with homelessness. So as somebody who is not from California, the whole issue becomes confusing to me. Rent control looks like a solution searching for a problem while the actual problem is being ignored.

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What is your favorite memory of working with Lady Gaga?

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Two questions. First, how has waxing other people's vagina changed your relationship with your own vagina? Second, have you ever waxed a transsexual's vagina? How could you tell?

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the average home in the US has upwards of 25 connected devices.

I had no idea; it is bonkers.

Thanks for your response. That was the question I was asking and the type of response I was hoping to receive.