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we believe that a scientific and individualized approach to treating migraine creates an incredible opportunity for relief that works.

Where is a double blinded controlled test of this vs a non individualized approach?

Is this approved by the FDA?

What is the efficacy compared to normal treatment?

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  1. That is a bad link. It points to nothing. I assume the link should be https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30677646/ It address Major depressive disorder, not migraines.
    It's top line finding is "At week 8, symptom improvement for guided-care was not significantly different than TAU"

  2. You are selling and advertising a product with no published clinical trial addressing migraines.

  3. You have no efficacy data compared to a baseline.

Why on earth is a Reddit AMA an outlet for this? Why are you not in clinical trials instead of selling untested treatments directly to patients?

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Why would we worry about a very small subsection of animals that are being tested for cosmetics when there are orders of magnitude larger numbers of animals being killed for food? Why is it not okay to hurt an animal to test cosmetics when we are fine with killing and eating animals whenever we like?

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When a public labor union goes on strike, what do you suggest tax payers do? Pay up or else?

"The neutral arbitrator " Between who? One set of government employees, and another set of government employees.

Why are taxpayers not at the bargaining table.