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It adds +5 happiness to the citizens here in Denver.

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They were Crazy On You.

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Thanks for doing this AMA!

  • What do you see as the most fascinating technology of today?

  • What is one project you worked on that you thought would take off, but ended up fizzling out?

  • Name another project you worked on that took off unexepectedly?

  • Where do you see the state of computer systems ten years from now?

  • Tell us about some (de)classified projects!

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You usually get what you pay for.

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Try to leave it up if it's not too hard. A friend of mine passed last year. His family has left his facebook up and his wife and brothers frequently go to the page to post that they miss him and tell him stories about what is going on in their lives. They tell me it's very theraputic and helps them deal with the loss better.