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What are your thoughts on hammock camping?

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Wanted to say the Blue Agave Sriracha is my favorite food and I put it on everything. I even got some in my stocking this year. What's the best gift you've gotten in your stocking?

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You should redirect his behaviors. Clicker based training is a great tool for this. First, get a clicker and prime him by throwing good treats on the ground and clicking each time he eats one. This will create a positive association with the clicker. I like to use Natural Balance rolls cut up into little squares because they're not going to make your dog sick if he eats a lot during training. After he's primed, have him do behaviors for the clicker, such as sit. It's important that the second he sits, you press the clicker immediately, then give him a treat. Now he's associating doing something good with the clicker and getting a treat. When he is playful and nipping at you, redirect his attention to doing a wanted behavior, such as sitting. He will need to be good at doing this on command, but dogs pick it up quickly with positive reinforcement. Redirecting should be easy if you have worked with the clicker training as he's going to anticipate a treat. Every time he tries to bite, remove yourself from play and have him do a wanted behavior like sit. Hopefully it will resolve quickly. Also, remember with young dogs, every time you touch them with your hands it's a reward. So, if they jump and nip at you, and you push them off with your hands, they are conditioned to enjoy being touched by your hands. Instead of using hands, position your body sideways and walk into them, while firmly telling them to sit. Then click and treat when it's done. Good luck, hope this helps!

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If this is one of the saddest things you've seen, what are some stories of your happiest times or most fascinating things you've seen while out in nature?

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I really like it with creamy soup - it makes a great addition to squash or sweet potato soup. It is also good mixed with mayonnaise to make spicy mayonnaise and then you can have it on burgers, homemade sushi, as a dipping sauce for chicken wings or fries... It is also great on macaroni and cheese! Mostly I use it for breakfast burritos, though.