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hammermuffin8 karma

Yes, there is? Dunno what youre even trying to say. OP even commented saying his was oxy. Mine was heroin. Every opioid addict has their opioid of choice. Youll use anything you can get your hands on, sure, but thats due more to the illicit nature of sourcing most of have to go through nowadays to live pain free than anything else. If you were prescribed an opioid regimen/if recreational drugs were legal, wed be getting the same opioid/s all the time.

Idk if i just misunderstood your point or something, but your comment doesnt really make much sense.

hammermuffin-5 karma

Can i just ask what your DOC was? Cause all the drugs youre taking now will lead to more long term damage to your body than an opiate would (even 1000mg/day tylenol is alot dude, you will get liver damage after a couple years of that daily regimen)