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A.I., like other tech terms before it, now seems to be used by everybody wanting to be on the flavour of the day train. I often hear very unsophisticated software tools described as "A.I."

What specifically makes something A.I.?

Can you think of any examples of things currently described as A.I. in marketing materials that is not sophisticated enough to have earned that distinction?

Am I wrong in assuming that A.I. is more intricate, sophisticated and/or powerful than other digital tools?

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Does having diverticulitis increase the chances of developing colorectal cancer?
What are the risks of colon resection surgery?

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From the link he provided:

Indian engineers Shukla Shubhendu and Jaiswal Vijay define AI as “machines that respond to stimulation consistent with traditional responses from humans, given the human capacity for contemplation, judgment, and intention.”[2] This definition emphasizes several qualities that separate AI from mechanical devices or traditional computer software, specifically intentionality, intelligence, and adaptability. AI-based computer systems can learn from data, text, or images and make intentional and intelligent decisions based on that analysis.

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Your podcast is something I love to listen to.

You provide a large group of us with insight and comfort. You interview better than anyone I've ever listened to and your raw open sharing is very helpful to those of us battling our own demons...which is all of us.

I'm a 35 year guitar man myself and I use it (yeah use it like a nicotine lozenge) for daily therapy. I almost exclusively play one of my Larrivee acoustics (keep the fingers strong and focus on strumming/picking techniques to control dynamics and emote) and I'm set on a Gretsch 5420t through an Orange Tiny Terror (no pedals!) when I'm plugged in and playing with the band.

What are your go to guitars these days?