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halitalf5 karma

A few things I would like to point out:

  1. "Amazon" drivers do not work for Amazon
  2. Every Amazon station is different
  3. The cameras in the vans are the fruition of a few bad drivers

I have worked for Amazon Logistics (the actual main company) for over 2 years now. When my station was first launched, we had hundreds of packages going missing every week. What did we do in response? We started actively tracking what drivers, stowers, and pickers were associated with the missing packages. When we saw that there was a strong correlation with certain drivers and made the companies install cameras. It is not just asset protection - that camera can get the driver's name cleared just as easily as it can condemn them.

Don't get me wrong, I could not do what you guys do. Y'all got it rough, but it's not Amazon's fault. I have a lot of drivers that love working for their company. Yeah, the routes can be crappy and the app can be buggy but what makes or breaks it is the company you hire on with.

halitalf3 karma

To some degree, I can agree, however if you start picking and choosing who you monitor you open up the "workplace harassment" can. It's less of a liability to have everyone watched than to pick and choose the one's that are. Our pickers and stowers are watched and micromanaged just as much as the drivers. My station added about 100 cameras to the station when COVID started to try to strong arm everyone into following the 6-ft rules.