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Doc here, briefly checking in. This is likely a well meaning comment but is DANGEROUSLY close to blaming vaccination for GBS.

Vaccines do NOT cause GBS. It is a rare post "stress" syndrome, usually after viral infection (or classically post campylobacter).

You are about as likely to have the flu vaccine precipitate this as you are a stubbed toe.

I repeat, GBS is not caused by vaccination.

I don't think this comment was meant to make that connection, but unfortunately that was the main subject mentions in the comment and I feel it's misleading.

Also, good luck on recovery! Wish we had more tools to combat this crazy syndrome. I've treated a few cases and one being a dear friend. They have all recovered completely and only one needed intubation. I wish the best case scenario for you!

Edit: gilded! Thx--my first.

More importantly, more great comments to help clarify the importance of vaccination. Please keep getting vaccinated.

Instead of replying to any more comments, please feel free to PM me if you care for any more of my thoughts. I do not mean to distract from the main message of this AMA.

Edit 2:

Still getting some questions and comments. I'll give one final reply. In my mind, saying that vaccines cause GBS is like saying Oxygen kills. Oxygen would kill us if we didn't have an enzyme (superoxide dismutase iirc). But really the body malfunctioned in a normally fine environment--oxygen rich. I think we can all agree that O2 is helpful in life...so are vaccines. You are much more likely in triggering GBS by catching the flu, that can be prevented by vaccination, than by vaccination.

Please keep getting vaccinated and don't be alarmed by this comment. I don't believe it was misleading on purpose.

Edit final( hopefully): In case it's still unclear, since people are still commenting: GBS is a rare auto immune reaction. It can be triggered by a number of situations, but we think it's usually a viral infection. Yes, there have been observed cases after vaccination but you are much much more likely to get GBS from the flu than from its vaccine. EVEN MORE IMPORTANT, since you are very unlikely to EVER develop GBS--you are extremely more likely to have adverse health from not vaccinating.

And for those saying you are a healthy young adult, remember that your vaccine not only saves you from a a mildly crappy couple days, so big deal--remember that your vaccine can prevent you from passing the virus to the old and young who can die from the flu and it's complications.

So again, to comment that someone developed GBS from the flu vaccine is too misleading to stand alone without further explanation. And hopefully we have countered any misunderstanding and fear.

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Current Mormon here. Just because you left the church, doesn’t mean we can’t be friends 👍🏻

I’ve lived in a lot of different cities all over the US and most of my friends are not LDS and they love hanging out.

We can all have different views and still get along, I have found.

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It's a quote from the office, if I recall correctly

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Psst...I'm a doc, and I do them. Also, I am circumcised and don't regret it.

I just wanted to post the other view. I don't think either choice is wrong. Good reasons either way.