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Tell me about this "black dog". Is it some urban tale?

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Ooooooh that black dog. Yeah I can definitely tell you that's real. To give my tale some context, I'm a push over when it comes to sleep deprivation (Lasted a month in a grave yard software support job) and my girlfriend and I love going on road trips within our island home, Cebu, using only a Honda Wave 110CC motorcycle. Long story short, we had to cut off an overnight trip because of some complications with our accommodations in a certain place down south so we went home at night nearly at about 9PM. I know 9PM is very early for people but for me, it's already time to hit the sack. My eyes got heavy after an hour of driving but we were already near the major city and I decided to book it. Unfortunately for me, my sleepiness got the best of me and I managed to doze off for about a split second but thank goodness I still had the consciousness to remember that I was driving and managed to open my eyes. Upon opening them, I thought I saw an animal so my heart jumped but I never thought of swerving because that'd be the end of us, if we did.

TL;DR Saw the black dog in one of our road trips.

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I definitely relate with the "You wake up and find you don't have a job the next day" part. Source: was a Game support rep

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That definitely is true but honestly it was the best times of my entire career. I wouldn't trade it for anything else. Being a Game Master was the best work and I never once was abysmally miserable. I was only miserable when it ended.

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Do you still remember that radio show where you confronted Floyd Mayweather Jr on how he didn't want anything to do with Manny Pacquiao? Also, do you still think he's yellow for not fighting him even until now?