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Follow up question, how can certain cuts be seasonal? Also I am not sure I have ever seen "chuckeye", does it go by any different names? Basically, how can I find this :)

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How high is the security where you work? Sounds like it could be a pretty nasty target for bad people if you actually fear the possibility of structural damage causing widespread death and destruction.

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If you feel safe that's fine, I can't control your money or your life! I'd also put you in a different category than those living paycheck to paycheck without investing in any assets like you have (401, house, stock etc). Just saying there's no reason at all for you to not have significant cash on hand (ie not paycheck to paycheck) if you ever wanted to based on what you are making. You do so by choice essentially, while many people do not (although with proper education and support likely many would be able to get out of it).

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You must have made horrible choices in your house, vehicles, or bourbon to be living paycheck to paycheck on 6 figures. If that list is comprehensive regarding your main expenditures you've really got nothing to blame but yourself, literally all of them can be planned for/mitigated...