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How do you feel about "walking cats" on leashes? That is, taking an indoor only cat on supervised leashed walks. Is it distressing or confusing or does it help provide some stimulation?

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This! I absolutely abhor the sun. It literally makes me sick. I have gotten severe sun stroke twice in my life, too. But even aside from that, from as early as I can remember, I have always been at my absolute happiest during fall and winter. I genuinely feel a sense of grief whenever the sun comes out after a storm. The grey/blue light when it is overcast always feels the most warming and cozy to me. When the sun is down or clouds covering the sky I feel like a blossoming flower, as cheesy as that sounds.

Every time SAD came up in my psych classes as a psych major I'd have a hard time understanding it because I truly feel exactly opposite.

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Awww. So where can you get pet cremation? Only at like, a pet cemetery?

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It almost sounds like many of the Catholics commenting here are barely “finding out” about this and don’t even realize that this is rampant across the entire world. Which leads me to believe that the church has never spoken publicly about this in their churches, and that these people have been actively ignoring any negative news about the church their entire lives. Which is not too hard to see as the truth. Since they’re really struggling with whether to follow the church that systematically aided and abetted child sexual abuse for minimum decades or not. Also seeing lots of comments asking if Pennsylvania is alone in this and whether other people in the church knew, which shows how many people clearly have no idea about any of this stuff.

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Probably because it comes straight from the manufacturer to the pharmacy rather than bottled by the pharmacist at the pharmacy. I could be completely wrong though...