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Seems like well fed gentleman was having a good time.

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Im glad to hear that you clean yours everyday, otherwise the smell may get overwhelming. However, those types of litter boxes provide privacy that many cats enjoy. I would make sure that your cat doesn't overgrow the litter box. My two cents...

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It also refreshes the litter. Funny you asked, cat attract is our old formula. Our new formula only goes into litter getter.

I would suggest trying litter getter.

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It would make sense for Cat Genie to include our product to insure that cats will adopt to it faster..... thanks, i will try to reach out.

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Could you tell me more about your ecom marketing strategy?

We are trying to grow organically (Content, pictures, videos and back link) so it will take abit more time for us to get where we want to be. We take a bit of different approach when it comes to sales and growth. Our goal is to be able to help millions of cats from ending up in shelters due to litter box issues and it starts with one cat at a time.