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You arent selling emails but what about other data?

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I am interested in reading more about this. Can you point me to some unbiased sources on this matter?

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Hi Omar! In Too Deep is one of my favorite movies. How gnarley was it shooting the infamous pool cue scene? And were you as disturbed by it as much as I was?

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We all love capitalism right? Wasn't that a big deal with Obama? He was trying to make us all socialists. So why is it that capitalism is good until it comes to technology? The internet should be open and free. One corporation should not be allowed to block new businesses from entering the game.

Capitalism baby! Isn't that what makes America great? So why then would we want to endanger that by allowing a few major corporations decide which players can enter the game, and which other businesses we want to patron? If Comcast comes out with their own "youtube" wouldn't it be nice to know that Comcast can not inhibit our choice of which service we choose?