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You can also do this to people who aren't suicidal, just having a panic attack. You can have them arrested and held for a three-day stress test (in order to see if they're telling the truth when they try to explain that they aren't suicidal but were just having a panic attack). You can force upon them, with absolutely no recourse, the most horrifying and traumatic experience of their lives, and not only that, you can cost them their job as well when they get fired for missing three straight days of work!

Source: roommates did this to me three years ago. It was genuinely the worst thing I have ever experienced in my 27 years on this planet.

TL;DR: You should be very, very certain you have no other options before you Baker Act someone without their consent. If you're wrong, you just may make whatever problem they are having a million times worse.

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Until it gets those things, I guess I won't week the help I need, because I do NOT need an imbecile try to get me proper access tonit again

This. This right here is what made my experience so awful. It wasn't being handcuffed and dragged into a police cruiser in front of my neighbors. It wasn't being told I'd only be there an hour or so, only to be held for 71 hours. It wasn't being stress tested, or woken up at 4am for my intake interview (I arrived shortly after 9pm). It wasn't anything that they did or that happened to me.

The worst part - THE WORST PART - was speaking to a woman, maybe in her late thirties, who was there voluntarily seeking emergency treatment because, as she put it, "I know as long as I'm here I can't hurt myself.". She was there by her own choice, because she truly felt like a danger to herself, and she was being put through the exact same bullshit as I was. The biggest lesson I learned from my 3 days there was that - if I ever was suicidal and in need of help, it wouldn't be available to me. I saw, first-hand, the breakdown of the mental health system, and I saw that people who genuinely needed - and were asking for - help were being treated like junkies trying to score pain meds.

The worst part was learning I was on my own to deal with these things.

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You cannot blame others for putting themselves first and removing a threat.

Are you saying that all people with mental health issues should be considered threats by the general population? Because if someone is having a panic attack, they're not a threat to anyone; they need someone to help them calm down, not to be dragged away in handcuffs. In extreme cases law enforcement is required, sure, but let's not go jumping to conclusions any time someone is mentally ill.

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So you need to put partisanship aside by making sure the President is of your party? Wouldn't the bipartisan thing to do be to follow the will of the people, and select the other candidate?

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Do you not see striking similarities between, say, Trump's pronouncing all Muslims as enemies of the state, as the reason for our current insecurity and trouble, and as persona non grata on our shores and the rhetoric of Hitler's Germany?