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I was recruited as a donor many years ago. I donated several times and would be happy if a biological child wanted to contact me. I long ago sent a sample to 23 and Me for other reasons but haven't done anything else. I think what I have done is enough to allow myself to be found if a child wants to find me but not so much that I am chasing them if they don't want to find me. Do you agree that is a reasonable balance to strike? Would you recommend that I send samples elsewhere?

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I hate that there is such taboo about nudity for art and such a double standard. I am a fine art photographer who shoots a lot of nudes and I get asked how my wife feels about that several times a year. My wife is a doctor and sees naked people in her line of work but she's never been asked how I feel about that.

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I'm so upset by it that I can't decide whether to make her wear a blindfold or a chastity belt. Have an award for being the first to ask.