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Throughout Parks and Rec (and 30 Rock for that matter) I am often left with the feeling that no one is acting.

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What is your average annual compensation for a average producer at your store? (So not your superstar always blowing out their numbers, and not your "might get let go" person.) You make your numbers, maybe move a few extra units, maybe don't, etc.

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relatively trusted website, but that website used an untrustworthy ad provider

Here's where it gets hairy. Ad providers are put into a place of extreme trust on a website. You wouldn't think twice about visiting a https://www.washingtonpost.com/ link in your browser. Heck they use SSL for their whole site and send over a upgrade-insecure-requests header (but not HSTS yet.)

Then they call out to an ad provider, maybe OpenX, Google, Rubicon, etc., who are all legitimate companies that are on the up and up. Then that request through the huge incestuous network that is "ad tech" and eventually show an ad. At any step along the way someone could have been compromised, or any computer who has access to one of these systems could have been compromised, and then malware serves up.

It's no wonder people are flocking to adblockers when trusted sites serve malware from time to time. I feel people having to clean up their parents/spouse/children's computers of malware has dropped dramatically with the addition of Chrome, Adblockers, and the lack of "limewire" esque file distribution. (Though torrents are close.)

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My blackberry used to do this all the time. Locked with a PIN, but any button (keyboard included), down, click, up, click = emergency call.

I felt so bad when I would get the call backs.

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If you only turn a $20k profit on the farm, why don't you qualify for more FAFSA aid? Shouldn't, at a minimum, you be using Net Revenue numbers? Is your family not insulated from that income by a corporation of some kind?