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That's a complicated way of saying "Space Snakes".

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Which of the Martell family are you directly related too? Will we see you in an upcoming episode by chance? Either way, I'm rooting for them!

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What the Russian's did to German women in Berlin will never be forgotten. It has to be the worst case of mass rape in human history. Something like 3-4 in 5 women in the city were victims multiple times. I can't imagine the fear, especially with so few German men around to try and protect them.

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It's not even really selfish. If she gets hurt it can be serious due to her age. If she gets hurt the concert stops for everyone. That was looking out for everyone trying to have a good time.

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Well, you have a few options. He probably was running drugs in some regard. The legit businesses helped hide the money. The exotic animals explains the business trips.

His personal life seems messy. Left his family, had a female right-hand manager, was shacked up with the woman he left his family for, but was away enough to establish a relationship elsewhere.

The family could have killed him out of revenge or spite, or just to get the money away from Carole. Carole could have killed him for money ot out of revenge for his possible other female relationships. Drug runners could have killed him over money, loss of drugs, or just for thinking he's DEA.

Hard to put a pin somewhere without more details, and I'm just listing the most obvious variables.