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After seeing one of Sandia's test reactors pulse, Cherenkov radiation blue is probably my favorite color. It's beautiful.

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Second this! Buzz Beach ball was awesome!

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One of my former roommates told me a story where him and his girlfriend were travelling somewhere (Colorado maybe?) and walking around they walked by an office/storefront that was labelled "the Onion".

He said he walked in and realizes its the offices of the website/publication and exasperates: "No fucking way!". A guy at a desk, without missing a beat looks up and responds "Yes fucking way." then returns to work like nothing happens.

Does this sound like something that could have happened?

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What are your thoughts on nuclear modernization and the enduring stockpile?

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From what I've learned, Tritium isn't THAT bad in small doses. Go home, take some diuretics and flush the system before much has time to decompose and release gamma radiation into your body.

Is that valid?