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What "insider tips" do you have to get good tickets? Can I bribe a Ticketmaster employee for good seats?? :-)

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Whoa, whoa - You need to go further here:

"I am telling stories in a way such that it might not be imminently obvious what's real and what's not, but I'd much rather have people be inspired to do their own fact checking rather than just take my word for it, or not. "

This sounds almost deliberately deceptive. Please explain why misleading the reader would be useful to the reader.

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Are there any advantages to showing up in person at the box office to get tickets vs. online?

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How realistic though, is it for an average person to go that route? Even for night tube, I hear the jobs are highly competitive. What might qualify one person over another for this type of work?

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What are the goals of speculative journalism? Can you give some good examples or references for those who are having trouble grasping the approach?