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Why do you think, that not thinking is important? Why is meditating any better than taking a nap? At least when we dream we get a little movie to help us unpack what's going on in our minds.

Thinking about breathing just makes me painfully aware I need oxygen to survive.

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I think I almost entirely agree with your second statement/paragraph. After that, I'm not so concerned with.

Your first statement however, I fundamentally disagree with. If life was all about feeling good and having fun, we would be doing cocaine and drinking alcohol all day every day until we died of heart failure. Life is not about fun, it's about working hard to bettering ourselves, in order to better the community, in order to better the future. That's it. That's evolution.

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Thank you for the honest and informed reply. I feel like if me and you had a few beers together we would either discover the meaning, or agree to discuss it next weekend.

Of course everything in life is fun, because you were brought online in a time where (and I'm reaching here, but I bet I'm right) you are not starving, have ample shelter, and aren't concerned about predators devouring you or your child at night.

What I think I am trying to say is that, the reason both you and I, have the luxury to even discuss these philosophical ideas, over a medium of 1's and 0's carried by light, and portrayed as text, is because men tried hard, when it was not fun, when they knew it would not be fun.

How far back do you want to take that sacrafice? Men giving their lives for freedom?

Life is not an egosentric pleasure, it's an obiligation. Do the best you can for the future. You as an individual are irrelevant.

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Firstly, thank you for taking the time to reply to me. I honestly was not expecting one, so I am surprised to see this now. You are obviously very busy, and so I am very thankful for your time.

I've personally never been absent minded enough to not know how I've driven somewhere, and I have a DUI lol... Sometimes visual cues, tied to positive or negative emotion, are what guides us to our destination.

To continue with your metaphor of driving, I think the most important aspect of the drive is the destination. I think "stoping to smell the roses" is often forgotten in the human existence, but ultimately, without the vision of the future and "what could be" about the destination, there is no reason to take the road trip.

Interally I've actually argued against myself on your points, and I actually mostly agree with you. I've just always thought this way though. I think you are reaching a population who don't think the way myself or maybe yourself do, so all credit to you. I wish you nothing but the best, truly.

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Haha I hear you! There really is no trick to it, except, realizing you are dreaming and not waking up. That is the hardest part. So many times I will be deeply walking in a dreamscape, and I know I am in a dream landscape, but if something happens that makes my heart race too much the dream ends. You can't control that.

What I did, even from a young kid because of my hippie mom, was try hard to remember what I just experienced in my dream, and write it down. So what I think that did was make my dreams "real". You honestly have to think about it, and say "what is happening right now is ridiculous, am I dreaming?" and you confrim "Yes" but without waking up- and then you've entered the lucid dreaming world. From there, it's all your imagination my friend.