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Not OP but I worked in the field for ten years. Unfortunately there are many facilities that lack the funding to even hire the right type of person and to provide basic necessities. I'm sorry you went through that experience. I worked at the most violent group home and I made 8.75 still after two years there. For reference this was only a few years ago. If the facilities are barely managing minimum raise for the employees, odds are the level of caregiving is going to be awful. I've worked with many compassionate, amazing ones but there have also been extremely nasty, abusive ones.

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What was your opinion on Justin Schwartz in the main event? What player do you think.has the worst poker etiquette?

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So ecstatic that your sentence was almost perfect sans the word "use". Now that's ecstatic!

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Hi Antonio huge fan! I totally respect how classy you are at the table. What are your poker goals for 2016 and what poker player do you respect the most?