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What are the benefits from launching this way? Fuel savings? The ability to potentially launch from anywhere?

What are the drawbacks?

Have you ever played Kerbal Space Program?

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Ahh awesome, thanks for answering my questions. YES to KSP, it has taught me so much about how goddamn difficult it is to get stuff into space.

One more question if you have time: I'm curious about how the rocket is controlled once it's released from Pegasus - is it sort of dynamic depending on where it's released in the "drop box"? As in, can it calculate where it's at and how much it needs to fire based on where its at in the drop box to get to it's necessary orbit height? Or can it be released basically anywhere in the drop zone and get to where it needs to be? Or do you, as the launch director, get to control it with a pc gaming joystick? Actually, follow up question, what is your role as launch director entail, and how did you get such a cool job?!

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Holy crap, thanks for your super informative answer to my questions!