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How come CNN says that they are unbiased?

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Mine is A new take on things that is hard to talk about with giving away what makes it special.

I will say that when I talked with patent attorneys( involving inventions so I dont know if it applies with games as well, but one would assume it does ) China is a place that likes to rip off everything and make their own version.

I thought I was the only person out in this world trying to make a new Board based game that isnt .. another ' skin ' ( looking at monopoly here haha ).

I hope you get the proper funding and have the right people in your corner, blaze the trail brother!

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I've been designing my own Board game as well but never thought to crowd fund it ( playing the lottery is my main source of revenue for inventions etc. )

Do you plan to create each individual board on your own or take it to a manufacturer?

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I will say this

I play the lottery, because its the little bit of Hope that I have.

It's somerhing out of my control , that can change my life

I have written down exactly what I would do with the money ( post tax ) and only play when its above 250 million jackpot.

I play for the feeling of something being able to lift me out of the situation regular life dragged me into?

( its making me ask a question to post this, so ill add a " ? " the end )

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And if theyre so severely autistic due to ______ that communication is near impossible - what could some of their gifts be?? How does one go about finding these ' gifts '?