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guyfaceddude3 karma

As someone who wasn't aware of the shady underworld of paid wikipedia expert editors that big corporations hire to destroy and smear people who stand up to them, I'm interested if this is something your technology would be able to protect against?

For reference: https://sharylattkisson.com/2019/06/the-weaponization-of-wikipedia/

guyfaceddude2 karma

I was mostly thinking of Everipedia, but also interested if you have a solution to the same problem in social media (although I think the solution would be different as it's a different mechanism of action).

I personally see social media as having an issue of being the scenes censorship / altering of algorithms to benefit corporations, along with bought and paid for accounts that push corporate propaganda to the front page disguised as user created content.

I see wikipedia issues as power admins being paid off lucratively to smear / destroy ideas or people that hurt corporate / powerful people's interest.

I might only see a small part of the issue though.