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Even if they remake it, it will NEVER take the place of yours. My future children will watch YOUR version.

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On June 13, 1990, the show aired a segment called "Confess Your Crime", which included a bogus phone call from fellow DJ Doug "The Slug" Roberts (who was then working at KZZP) as an anonymous listener claiming to have committed murder. The parents of a missing woman believed the fictional caller to be responsible for their daughter's death leading to an investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and coverage in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. When the truth was revealed, the station was billed for the costs of the investigation by the LASD,[16] and sued by the distraught parents. KROQ suspended Kevin and Bean for five days without pay, directed each of them to perform 149 hours of community service, and forced them to pay the Sheriff’s bill out of their pockets. The event also became the inspiration behind the 1996 movie Power 98 starring Eric Roberts. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_and_Bean

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How often did kids call you "Master Bateman" growing up?