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Hey Ms Simmons! Do you read other genres of books apart from history fiction and war non fiction? And if so, what are some of your favourite reads?

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heyyy!! i’m no science guy, but how do you find joy in being a paleoanthropologist? why that( i’m not gonna type out that again hahah), instead of other fields like palaeontology, archaeology?

and 1 more question: what is the most interesting/mind-blowing fact about the Neanderthals?

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Favourite type of pizza?

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that’s cool!

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Hey Mr Lawrenson! Been supporting Liverpool ever since I was born (that was 18 years ago) and i’ve heard about you from my dad who’s also a diehard Liverpool Fan. I have 3 questions, 1) Who is your favourite current Liverpool player? 2) Could you name some of the favourite players that you have played along during your footballing career? 3) An advice you’d give to young players or rather any life advice?

Thank you for your time!