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I think its interesting (and incredibly scary) that he shut the cabin oxygen off. It forces the passengers to stay seated. If they try to get up and attack the hijacker they probably wouldn't make it very far before passing out. Edit: as I understand it now, the pilot can't shut the oxygen off.

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So does two dick guy buy he can't help it.

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I'm not saying that I like... altercations...

But id pay to hear someone say something like this to my child.

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Where did you first start producing your hot sauce on a large enough scale to sell?

I ask because I have a recipe for chilli that I have no doubt that people would love. Its better than any chilli I've ever tried. I would like to start selling it but don't really know which route to take.

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Dude if these are your words, you should be some kind of writer or something. Very clear and to the point. No unneeded fluff. Very nice.