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gummyqueensarah5 karma

Thank you for working to nourish students. When I was in high school, most of my lunch ladies were really, really nice – and I hope I was nice back! Have you ever met any particularly rude students? Any stories? What is a common behavior we should work on fixing (me, talking about general food service interactions)?

Why did you decide to become a lunch lady?

gummyqueensarah1 karma

How old are you? What's your name – can I call you Lunchlady Irma?

The kid staring thing sounds creepy...I'm sorry. When I was in elementary school, I was always really shocked by how some kids treated the janitors, lunch ladies and bus drivers.

I had a wonderful bus driver who once bought everyone doughnuts, and then a couple boys were very, very rude and demanded more, and I think he ended up crying. Ugh...sorry if I depressed you.

Have you ever thought about working at a college campus as a food service person? I talk to mine a lot more, and I think college students are generally nicer.