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It's not misleading at all. It's just the nature of speculation. If you've ever read business journalism, this is exactly the same. When the Wall Street Journal talks about the future of a company or stuff that may have happened in its past, it's hard to keep track of what is confirmed fact and what is speculative. Hence speculative journalism, which is already common in media.

I think you're forgetting the part where OP literally says (in all caps) My goal is not to confuse people, or mix fact and fiction.

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Well u/patriot_act made their account in 2008 so maybe no one really parsed "patriot act" as a one word username before. Pretty unlikely but definitely possible.

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I grew up upper middle class and it's not even that great for us. Billing and codes are still very complicated and most upper middle class people aren't going to hire someone to do medical billing for them.

Sure the insurance is better but it's still just as confusing.

The SYSTEM SUCKS, and anyone who says otherwise has just not experienced it.

Edit: For the idiots here, I'm not saying you do your own medical billing. I'm saying it's a full time job to keep on top of what your insurance covers, what you and your insurance is being charged for, and more. The healthcare system is needlessly complex and inefficient.

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His last reference is 4 days old and that reference cites information that is 3 years old. Looks like you accidentally added a zero there buddy pal.

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Hi OP, firstly I want to thank you for developing a tool to help people maintain or improve their mental health.

My question is, do you resent the person/people that forcibly hospitalized you?

One of my closest friends went through something very similar to you. They had gone through a year of psychosis and mania. They had a confirmed Bi-Polar diagnosis and also a major substance abuse problem. When they went on their binges, they would end up in this scary, manic state that would turn to suicidal thoughts, planning, and possibly attempted actions. At some point I couldn't bear to see them like this and helped get them forcibly hospitalized.

I think I did the right thing, but I regret how it was done. When I went to visit my friend they looked like a broken ghost of themselves. I feel like I caused my friend some serious trauma.

Fortunately my friend is doing much better and has a good career, a better support-system, and everything. But I still feel like I did something wrong.