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Terra Delu!!! The Bob, my Lord! My question is quite simple. You have a pretty good range of skills. You’re an actor, a director, a comedian, an author, a producer… Is there anything that you’ve never done that you would LOVE to do? An unachieved life goal? Professionally or Personally… Or both… Both is good…

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are you guys preparing your Emmy speeches for next year? Cause you're definitely getting them for S2.

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Sorry. English is not my first language. I tend to use the wrong terms but I appreciate your answer. thank you.

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Mr. Banks: How is it for you to work with Mike's character, knowing his fate in BrBa. How do you think it reflects on the way you impersonate him.

Mr. Smith: Are you gonna make us cry again? Cause I need to get prepared.

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My shoes hurt too!!!