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First off, hey there, Scott! I found you maybe 3, almost 4 years ago, and so glad I did. I’ve learned so much about travel planning that I’ve become nearly an expert to my group of friends and coworkers. Hell, I’d work for you too if I could (and if you were hiring for marketing jobs lol). So just wanted to say that because you really changed me and provided me avenues to go see the world some more.

And now a random fun travel question lol, so I pulled the trigger and booked a trip to Lisbon during the 4th of July weekend from Atlanta for $750 last night. If I wanted to shave a day and leave the day after on Thursday, July 2nd (while still coming back on the 12th), do you think that good flights would ever get to a similar price or even lower? Or should I just keep the extra day in Europe haha

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Hey there!

I was just curious about this, but are colon cleanses helpful/harmful?