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I once went to a fundraiser he threw and neither he nor his husband hit on me. This needs national attention

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What is this 5-7 days? I’ve read that mean time between first symptoms and needing a ventilator is 8days. Press is saying some people take weeks to recover. Perhaps some of that is healing after the virus is gone, but 5-7 days sounds both too short and too specific for such a variable ailment.

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Why did you move out of those swanky diggs in Hell's Kitchen? Was it the rats, the roaches, or the rent?

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I have very bad handwriting. One year my (Boulder County) ballot was contested because the signature didn’t match the one on record. But I don’t know if my signature on record is a “good” carefully written one or my more normal scrawl. How can I make sure my vote is counted this year?