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These gosh darn whippersnappers! Back in my day, we worked every day!

Classic George

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1 pound 6 ounces (damnit) huh? I'm soooo jealous of that figure.

How did you get involved in becoming the falconer for Wimbledon?

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How were you able to get on the stage and film the musicians? A normal wrist band usually won’t do the trick — you’ll need an AAA (access all area) pass. We are talking about stars like Jay-Z in the film! You think everyone with a faked press pass can just go on stage and shoot there? Unless you know the bands touring manager, if you have no direct contact to the band, you will be kicked out immediately.

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You stated that you plan on visiting Louisiana, USA sometime early next year. When you do that do you plan on roaming through the majority of the states or just a few specific places?