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grnd_mstr3 karma

Do you ever feel that some of the prerequisites imposed on prospective job-seekers are unreasonable when nearly all companies demand the same standard?

For example, I have a degree in Microbiology. All jobs I looked at, even for entry level applicants (or: straight outta college) require 2+ years of experience. So you bite the bullet and look for a low-paying low-demand job just to gain experience and a recommendation by the time your contract is over, and lo and behold, everybody wants 2+ years of experience and nobody wants to hire a newbie.

What am I supposed to do now? I need a job to get a job and I need a job to study further (Master's or Phd).

I understand companies want the best cogs to their machines but how on earth are we supposed to take our first steps forward if nearly everybody wants an experienced professional right off the bat?

grnd_mstr1 karma

شو اخبارك؟ كيف صحتك؟ طمني عنك و عن الي حوليك؟ شو عم تعمل هل إيام؟ كيف الجو بالشام؛ بلش البرد عندكن؟ كيف باقي المدن بسوريا؟ إن شاء الله كلن بخير و امان؟