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Will you ever consider porting Photopea as an app for platforms like macOS, Windows, and Linux? I know you advocate pretty hard for this program to be web-based, but I mean, I'd pay good money for a lifetime license for this. I've been trying to understand Pixelmator on my Mac, and GIMP on my PC, neither really scratch the itch right for replacing Photoshop.

I just don't want to rely on an Internet connection to use your program. Hopefully you'll consider it down the road.

grizzzlay8514 karma

I don't know anyone who ever wanted an "offline Wikipedia".

Funny enough that actually used to be a thing! I did read your post and I understand that Photopea does work offline, your means of making that possible and what I'm requesting are just different approaches, that's all :)

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Amazing how in the top comment /u/lizborowsky can claim Akamai tries to be neutral in terms of content shared but just can’t say it outright when it comes to Net Neutrality. Golly, why ever would this question go unanswered? It could be anything!