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In comparison between you and your old boss George Friedman, it seems you have differing opinions on Argentina and Poland. He also doesn't seem to be quite as bullish on France. Based on George's position on Poland it indicates you feel the US will pull back further then he is expecting. He seems to envision a US endorsed, Poland lead Intermarium with it and Romania as just the first two pieces falling into place. In comparing your different outlooks, do you know why George takes a more middling outlook on Argentina and France relative to yours? His Intermarium position on Poland seems to hinge on US backing (example: South Korea, Israel), but maybe you know more?

Do you see any potential for a multi-province Wexit? From the last election it appears AB, SK, interior BC, and MB along the US border all went conservative. Any potential union between them or is it meaningless unless they get coastal BC on-board? Could they even offer coastal BC enough to entice them?

How effectively do you see Turkey being able to leverage the Turkic populations spread across a number of countries in central asia?

Do you see Argentina, France, Turkey and/or Japan involved in a coalition during this century to combat the US after reemergence?