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Nobody's brain can handle it, simply because humans do not process information like machines do. The only thing that works is being constantly persistent. It is more like playing an instrument and weight-lifting. You have to practice to achieve something. I have known people who knew theory behind the code so well that they could tell you a page number they learned it from. Their code was a total mess and a crap to work with, just like their personalities. So, your situation can be of a great benefit. If not coding, then testing and usability. There are companies who would pay big bucks for good testers, but then, it all comes down to who you know and what kind of connections you got to get you started. Perhaps there is some institution, or someone who knows somebody, that would tell you where to start instead of giving you the medicine that doesn't work for your financial situation ?

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I see that you mentioned your financial difficulties. Do you have any plans or ideas, perhaps some long-term goals, on how to solve the financial situation you are in ? I am curious about what a solution from your standpoint might be.