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Why do you think she has gotten such a bad reputation?

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Well I meant less about her music and more about her being viewed by a lot of people as trashy or dirty. There are a lot of pop stars that don't get that rap.

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What has been your most heartwarming experience (we see these reunion stories and last-minute-find- stories all over the news- have you experiences one? I realize those are news stories framed to appeal to readers, but just curious) What has been the saddest moment for you?

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I worked at a high-end resort hotel and we were specifically forbidden from asking celebrities for autographs. We were there to work, not to hassle guests, etc etc. Was super hard to resist asking Will Smith for his autograph.

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I live in South Texas, but our storms are nothing like this. I can't imagine seeing a flattened neighborhood- people's lives destroyed in a moment. Was anyone you know personally affected and that you were able to help?