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1)Most houses sold so cheap in detroit because of the back taxes, you didn't have to pay any of that for the house?
2)Not worried about getting robbed/shot yourself or having to pull a John Wick?
3)Do you have any legit neighbors? And if so did you talk to them before buying/moving in?

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Creating a useful general purpose search engine is tremendously hard, there are billions of webpages, and hundreds of millions of websites that are constantly updating. Google probably goes through tons of failed harddrives per month, and needs massive data centers to handle the data. Why do you think a open source project can compete on any level with google or bing if it doesn't meta/use their data?

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I went there a few years ago on a really rainy day, the park was mostly empty which was good, but lot of the rides were closed, which wasn't good. I've lived in Virginia most my life so been there quite a few times over the years. Anyway on to my questions

1)kings dominion use to have a safari drive through with live lions I believe, do you know why they stopped doing that(think was 80's,early 90's)
2) what's the work environment like there, do employees hook up a lot or not really, are manager hardline or relaxed?
3) There's been some deaths there, has paramount done anything to improve rollercoaster safety? and is there any rides you wouldn't get on because of safety concerns?
4) The dinosaur walk through thing was awful, had to pay extra money, most of the fake dinosaurs didn't work and that seemed to take up a tremendous amount of space, do you know if paramount plans on replacing that with something enjoyable? like a new rollercoaster?
5) what are the worst type of visitors to deal with? Other employees for other theme parks usually say Brazilians because they're loud, cause messes, etc...
6)What's some things visitors aren't suppose to know?
7) what are some perks you get for working there? and do you enjoy it overall?

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Did you ever play the original starcraft and have you heard about the remastered(which is free+better graphics) coming soon? Also when I attempted to play sc2 an expansion was out, I payed $30 for the original sc2 and almost all servers completely dead...is the game still dead/empty if one shells out money for each expansion or what? Also have you looked into league of legend? Tremendous money there for pros.

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Thanks for that, got me researching into kings dominion, this is why they got rid of the animals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaV66nKWs-g is really fascinating. Even reading on wikipedia about the rides they removed after 30+ years and such. I had no idea Paramount sold kings dominion either.