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My plan in life stays pretty much the same. I'm currently studying german and going to take the medical field in Germany. As i have been helped, i feel obliged to the people suffering like me and i want to do what i can to help others and hopefully myself one day. I try to maintain a healthy diet and everything. My biggest concern right now is simply my immunity in the face of Covid-19.

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No I have not, but you are giving me ideas ;)

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Yes, i am taking imatinib (gleevec).

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Feeling fine, i am just worried of Covid and it's outcome currently, considering my half broken immunity system.

Funny story about how i found out, i actually caught the start of the cancer when my white blood cell level was 25 when the average was 14. I wanted to check because i was in a biology class about taking blood samples and seeing them through a microscope, in which i saw my blood as being different from everyone else, like everything was broken, I brushed it off because i also had a fever to the fact that i was sick. Little did i know that 6 months later it would be at 263. TIFU i suppose.

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Vielen Dank!