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Andy, how do you think the tax reform fight is shaping up? Why do you think Senators are more likely to vote for individual mandate repeal now then they were just a few months ago? Is it likely to pass?

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Hi Andy, what were Republicans saying off the record during the ACA repeal debate? Did they actually believe that the CBO reports about millions of people losing insurance was "fake news"? Did they care about all the letters from hospitals and insurance companies and governors? I guess I just want to understand how information trickles up to them, and how they choose what to believe.

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Hi Max. I admire your writing and your critiques of Hollywood because you are so good at seeing through to essential character motivations. So many blockbusters fail (artistically) because their main characters are cardboard! My question is: why do you think so many superhero movies suck? And, when are you going to teach everyone how it's done?!