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Alright I'm a 32F who lived in several kinds of worlds of denial about how big my boobs were, for 2 years I insisted that I was a 32D before finally getting properly fitted 6 months ago. Can you recommend any brands with 'cute' bras for boobs that big? Or any bra that can make them looks smaller? I've mastered dressing in a way so that people don't realize that (to me, it's a bit of a self conscious thing I suppose) my boobs are as big as they are.

Thanks :3

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That I've noticed :(, tiny rib cage + huge boobs don't make for easy bra shopping. Thanks for the suggestion I'll be looking into it!

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I'm currently in training to be a clinical scientist for transplants, so I'm curious about what goes on in the non-lab part of the process.

What's the ischemia time for a heart transplant?

What process do you go through once getting the test results before going through with a transplant, and how necessary are the various tests? If there's a risk of the donor crashing can you go on ABO typing alone? How important have you found HLA typing is with heart transplants?

I'm certain I'll think of some more questions but those are just the ones popping up right now! Thank you for doing the AMA!

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Thank you so much for the AMA!

This season seems like it's going to be a dark journey for Will, can you give any general idea of the lowest point for him?

Also! Are you guys going to make it down to Comic-Con this year? Cause last year was awesome!