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greatdivideride515 karma

This may have happened a few times.

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Awesome to hear from you! You're all one of my fondest memories from the trip!

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Unfortunately, yes. I'm still walking a little funny. (actually, it's more skin irritation than soreness)

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I think I may have gotten air once or twice. I definitely got air many times as I flew off the unicycle.

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You're right, the unicycle may not be the smartest way to travel. If I were staying still, that meant I was off the unicycle; I couldn't 'idle' with that big a wheel and with all the gear weight. On downhills, I couldn't coast, but I did have a brake. The brake let me put a drag on the wheel which means my legs didn't have to do all the work of holding me back. They still had to spin though.

I rode a unicycle for fun as a kid, from about the time I was 10 through the end of high school. As of a year ago, I hadn't been on one since then, about 13 years previous. Last November I got one to start practicing.