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Covered Hurricane Fran (near Myrtle Beach) for a newspaper. The brunt of it hit a bit north of where I was, but it was still pretty incredible. The worst part was being soaking wet and cold. The only folks I saw were police and guardsmen. They checked that I had press credentials and basically let me know I was on my own. I was in my early 20s, so I didn't really have a plan at all. Got plenty of good photos at least. Most memorable part was seeing a dog walking down the beach and a huge wave came crashing in and just demolished him. Then, as the wave receded, the dog was just standing there. He shook it off, and trotted on off the beach. I like to believe that dog is immortal and rides out every hurricane. Covering ice storms was pretty awful, too. The snapping of trees sounds like gunshots, and power lines are down everywhere. I'm not a big fan of being electrocuted, so those were a little more worrisome for me.

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Have you been to Charleston, SC? When the superyachts dock here, it usually gets a good social media buzz as to who is in town.

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We ... we get good news?!?!? Rise up, swarm!

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Greetings, Mr. Inglis, from a fellow sandlapper. Thank you for your service to the Palmetto State and what you are doing now. How is your relationship with Trey Gowdy these days, and what do you think of Gowdy's questioning of Hillary Clinton during the e-mail testimony?