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I would like to know more about the application of cannabis in psychiatry for conditions like anxiety, depression, and neuropsychiatric disorders like ADHD/ADD and autism.

I know there's been a few studies on high-CBD/low-THC cannabis and autism, and that some study found differening levels of endocannabinoids in autistics.
I'm autistic (and have ADD) and have found that high-CBD does help in some ways and high-THC/moderate-CBD helps in other ways, are there any studies being planned/done on the effects of high-THC cannabis and autism (and ADHD/ADD)?

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I experience this too. Cannabis is great during the day as I get more energy and thus a lot done, but that effect also makes it hard to fall asleep so I make sure not to inhale 4-6 hours before going to bed.

I have ADD so maybe that has something to do with it as I also experience the opposite when I'm using stimulants - I got tired and could fall asleep when I took my morning dose of prescription amphetamine.

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in the case of ASD as well, the treatment plan is targetted more towards children or younger adults

That is too bad as there are plenty of adult autists who would benefit from cannabis, hopefully there will be studies focused on adults too in the future.

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I agree. I've also noticed when I read the studies on cannabis and autistic kids that there were no responses from the kids at all, only the parents or other people observing the kids. Kids in this instance was up to 17 year olds, so I think they should be able to at least give some feedback to the researchers at least.

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in our research we've found that this effect is very subtle.

Interesting, got a link to the paper?